How to Up your Client Engagement Activity (CEA™) Types

Note: Throughout these articles we use Client Experience and Client Engagement terms quite frequently.

  • Client Experience is what you deliver to your clients (action)
  • Client Engagement is what you get from the client (result)

1. What are Client Experience Activities (CEA™)

Client Experience Activities are interactions you deliver to your clients and prospects to raise their engagement level over time.

  • Client Experience Activity (CEA™) can be delivered ad-hoc or as a series of events based on a Client Experience Playbook (CEP™)
  • A Client Experience Activity (CEA™) can be logged to a client by an Account Manager, vCIO or Sales Executive
  • The engagement level is measured by the Client Engagement Score (CES™)
  • There are Manual (delivered outside of the platform) and Built-in (delivered in the platform) Client Experience Activity (CEA™) Types
  • Each Client Experience Activity (CEA™) Type has a description and an Engagement Factor (Low, Medium or High)

2. Set up Manual Client Experience Activity (CEA™) Types

Manual Client Experience Activity (CEA™) Types are activities you do with your clients outside of Managed Services Platform. These activities are not Structured Meetings delivered with the report tool or graders, nor email campaigns sent from the platform. These activities can be defined to enable you to track activities with each client. You and your team decide how detailed you would like to be with these Activity Types.

We have added some examples to your account for inspiration:

  • Business Holiday Cards
  • Community Fundraiser
  • Company Anniversary Celebration
  • Executive Dinner
  • Executive Phone Calls
  • Lunch & Learn
  • Regular Webinars

3. Set up Client Experience Activity (CEA™) Engagement Levels

Some Client Experience Activities (CEA™) are more engaging than others. It is important to define different levels of engagement of those activities.

For each Manual Client Experience Activity (CEA™) Type you can assign an Engagement Level. This describes how engaging the activity is in your experience. This will be counted as we measure your single and aggregated Client Engagement Score (CES™) .

  • High Engagement: 100 points
  • Medium Engagement Score: 50 points
  • Low Engagement Score: 25 points

4. Review Built-in Client Experience Activity (CEA™) Types

Built-in Client Experience Activity (CEA™) Types are delivered within the platform. As you perform Structured Meetings you can leverage the platform's tools to deliver those activities.

These activities are defined centrally and you cannot edit neither the description nor the engagement levels of these types.


Reports can be used for engaging prospects and clients for Structured Meetings such as Needs Assessments, Audits, Periodic Service Reviews, Project Meetings or any other types of Consulting engagements. You can log reports directly as client engagement activities.

  • High Engagement: 100 points


Graders can be used for engaging prospects and clients in advance of meetings. We automatically log completed graders as client engagement activities.

  • Medium Engagement: 50 points

Email Campaign:

Email campaigns can be used for engaging prospects and clients for education, motivation or distributing important information. We automatically log completed email campaigns as client engagement activities.

  • Low Engagement: 25 points