2017 Q1 Release

We have been focusing on fixing a long list of bugs, issues and usability problems in the tool that arose from an accelerated development process last year, including a change in the software on the back end to be able to function as a multi-tenant environment for multiple vendors. We wanted to clean up the backlog and shift our focus to major upgrades throughout this year.

New Stuff

  • You can print out the services behind the service bundles with all sales related items, and paste to an offer or to your marketing materials. Look for this new feature under the gear icon on the Service Bundle screen.
  • Services can now be copied in the service catalogue - handy if you want to have different versions of one service.
  • New cycle on the pricing page: "not applicable" - for services you don't want to count in cycles, or just want to include in a user-based plan
  • QBR: you can select whether the high or the low score is preferred, shown with red/green markers in the report. You can generate positive statements to the QBRs, not just problems, so the preferred score will be good and green.
  • In the report overview screen you can choose one of your service bundles and it will highlight all items in the questionnaire, so you can directly and quickly assess which issues each of your service bundles will solve.
  • You can auto-start a grader on the site with a parameter. This is handy for sending a grade by email, with a clickable link to start the grader right away.

Major Fixes

  • With a major optimization effort the tool's speed has been increased by 15% - 225%, varying by geographical location. Australian and European customers will see the most acceleration.
  • You can import users from Connectwise while importing a company, inside the Connectwise tabs. It was always there, but CW's API broke with more than 3000 clients, so we rewrote this section.
  • The Service Bundle Templates and Service Template copy to your catalog processes have been fixed. After we migrated the data and created your catalogues some service bundles were not showing properly.
  • We sunset the grader's PDF report (because of non-resolvable formatting issues) and now send grader results embedded in email as HTML. This also affords us the opportunity to further enhance the graders in the future.

Minor Fixes

  • In the service bundles and contracts you can overwrite all services with one hourly rate, to calculate prices quicker.
  • Both Services screens got an update with more information and better usability.
  • You can give hints in the ITCq questionnaires as well, to clarify and elaborate on the statement.
  • Connectwise integration - proper error messages inside Connectwise.
  • Vendors can coach their team members.
  • Service Bundle gives more information.
  • On the pricing page you can delete the service from the bundle with a delete button, and don't need to uncheck the cycle.
  • For all service tool-tips we added the type of the service (ongoing or project), and a suggested time to complete.
  • All service drop-downs are searchable and ordered by name.
  • Pricing page usability has been improved.
  • You can see the specific vendor on the Academy (if you have multiple vendors).
  • In the project contract screen you can see the monetary items line by line, not just the full sum.
  • 60+ additional small bugs across the tool.