2017 Q3 Release

2017 has turned out to be a super busy year for us, and we're confident that by the end of this year we can pull together all the pieces required to fulfill our mission. Here is a quick overview of where we are now in the process.

Reorganization / Rebranding

As our growth has passed the thousand member count we have to move to a model that can support the next phase. We're restructuring our organization and brand to be able to better focus on our two core activities. Application development and content development/education are two very different disciplines and we're reflecting that in the system.

Our next step is to finish the transition by end of this year, rebuilding the tool module by module, and development of our international coaching team.

Introduction of 1-1 coaching programs

We’ve seen a lot of service providers without either the required capacity any semblance of the team need to work on strategic initiatives like implementing an Account Management role, introduce standalone vCIO services or set up a marketing and sales funnel for business development.

The problem is either the know-how, the process, the accountability or the time is not available for success. If these important initiatives are not realized, the future of the company can be jeopardized.

We've created a complete set of services to deliver 1-1 coaching for clients requiring more than just the tool, education and masterclasses.

The next goal is to build up the international coaching team and expand its operation.

Rebuilt Academy Module

The greatest update to the application is the complete rewrite of the Academy module. We wanted to offer a multi-tenant environment where vendors, subject matter experts and even you can create content, set permission levels and manage/coach team members or coaching partners.

We created a sequential learning method (Courses) with quizzes, prerequisites and progress management to make learning and implementation more efficient. The new process type articles can store task lists/tasks for internal projects, and initiatives and can be exported to your PSA. Now, when one of your solution stack vendors makes a new release you can import the required tasks to your PSA and distribute the deliverables across the team.

We also designed a reference based information store (Knowledgebase) to offer searchable content with related articles, plus a marketplace where you can follow vendors and access their free and premium content. Check the video for more details. We're super excited that we can offer a unified learning and implementation platform for MSPs.

We're also finishing up the roadmap/scoring function in the quizzes, and helping 5 - 10 early adopter vendors publish their content. If you're interested in leveraging this learning management system for internal content, please contact us!

Service Review updates

Responding to feature requests, we've been working on implementing three items.

Many Account Managers have requested a function to let customers leave comments on the Quarterly Business Review questionnaires the same way as in the Needs Assessment. This is available now.

The QBRs are now designed to let you pose selected questions to a range of respondents (not just one client), and get aggregated answers. You've indicated it would be nice to have sections in the QBR where you can present numbers coming from your complete user base rather than just one individual or company. For example, customer satisfaction, security awareness or productivity mini surveys can generate aggregate scores you can discuss with a leadership team to move initiatives forward.

Although we have Needs Assessment and QBR templates, and the tool does have some limited functions to customize those questionnaires, you may need to customize further or even create a new questionnaire from scratch. Because this part of the tool will be completely overhauled (like the Academy), we're going to work with our client base on customized reports in the next few months. By request, we will give access to the template generator admin functions with some consultation to give you the ability to fully control your questionnaires. If you're interested in this please let us know in the chat below.

More about the Multi Respondent questionnaires
More about the Questionnaire Template functions

The next plan is to overhaul the complete questionnaire modules and unify the grader, QBR, and Needs Assessment engine with a flexible editor and reporting capability.

Service Marketing

If you've been following the updates over the last few months you'll know we've implemented many graders and email sequences into the Marketing module to promote your productized services. You can use graders with prospects on first meetings to quickly qualify them, differentiate yourself and move to the next step of your sales process. The educational graders raise the client's awareness of services they get while discovering opportunities within their scope. The email sequences can be triggered by a grader or any other marketing material on your website, or sent to existing clients as campaigns. The 7 email campaign sequence gives you a year's worth of weekly updates on your services.

The next step now is to make your service bundles, services, and service matrix available on your website through lead magnets. Make these services come alive, properly presented on your website, emails or attached to proposals.

We are excited about this new release! If you want to send kudos, give feedback or ask any questions please send us a message in chat!