2017 Q3/2 Release

In this release, we're focusing on incremental changes, fixes and improvements:

New features in the Academy:

  • Multi-tenant environment for vendors, trainers, and other content providers
  • Vendor Marketplace is open for vendors to showcase their Academy assets
  • Academy is open for use by MSPs as their internal Academy tool (by request)
  • Roadmap function to tie multiple courses together and manage team assignments and progress
  • Export Academy Roadmaps to Connectwise/Autotask/Basecamp or CSV
  • Export Academy Processes to Connectwise/Autotask/Basecamp or CSV
  • Academy Course items can include quizzes, to prevent users from proceeding without a training or readiness check
  • Academy Courses can be cloned with all assets included
  • Courses auto-assigned when new permissions granted
  • Time requirements as timestamps for videos/text and process based assets

Software enabled to handle special functions:

  • Raise target scores of project services for the Solution Stack Score
  • Create single select questions for the Solution Stack Score
  • Hide questions on templates for the Solution Stack Score
  • Hide Categories (aka dimensions) to enable creation of a modular QBR template


  • Various fixes on the grader pop-up screen
  • Various fixes on the Roadmap view screen
  • Various fixes on the Report overview screen
  • Various fixes on the Coaching screen

Our efforts are now two-fold: develop the needed Roadmaps for the various use cases, and continue the UI redesign of the tool's customer management function.