2018 Q3 Release

Your clients are getting back from vacation and this is your opportunity to increase their engagement with your services. Here are some tips you might find to help get your clients sincerely excited about technology during the next couple of months!

  1. Product updates that make client interactions more engaging
  2. Limited Beta program for Client Engagement Scoring
  3. Become a world class account manager in 20 days email course

1. Product Updates

New Editor for the Content Widget

A completely updated editor makes you much more productive when preparing for a client meeting with the power to drag and drop pictures, create and manage tables, embed documents, highlight sections and copy from word documents directly. Now you can focus on the client interaction to
make a lasting impact.

New Service Review Widget

After setting up your services and service bundles, you are now able to review those services with your clients in any report. The widget allows you to select a service bundle, rate the services in the bundle, comment on line items, take notes and generate tickets for export to your PSA. The widget needs to be added to the report template in the report template editor.

2. Beta Program

Since we surpassed our 1000th MSP client signup during the last quarter we realized we should work on our product management process. One visible change is our release process. We release new functions to specific early adopter groups first. Then after the validation, tweaking and documentation we make those new functions available to the broader audience. The following features are available for Beta Program participants.

Client Engagement Score for Account Management Teams

You can turn ad-hoc Account Management activities to proactive client interactions with the client engagement scoring functions. Define your client segments, plan client interactions for each segment then associate the plans to your clients. This way you can forecast how different activities will affect your client engagement and monitor the completion of the interactions. The scoring gives you a measurable Account Management and vCIO process for your team.

New Needs Assessment Tool for Sales Resources

If you have set up your services and service bundles you're able to review the complete service portfolio with a client during a meeting. Be ready to see how pleasantly surprised your clients are by the amount of services they're being provided. You're able to address current service issues, create a list of needed services, recommend service bundles, handle your competition and present your prices in minutes. This helps you express what makes your MSP different from others.

IT Excellence Award for IT Consultants

We are launching the limited beta program about the IT Excellence Award. By providing an industry standard benchmark for your clients, you can measure their IT maturity based on a scale and compare them to benchmarks based on their size and industry. This takes the guesswork out of where they stand enables professional feedback and detailed fit-gap analysis from you.

If you would like to be in the Beta Program just reply to this email!

3. Become a World Class Account manager in 20 days email course

Myles Olson is providing a systematic approach to increase your Account Management effectiveness through practical advice and best practices for tool use. Here are some key topics he's going to cover through ten emails and videos.

  • Set the right expectation for your Account Management Process based on your client segments and your available resources
  • A 6 steps Account Management Process for AM's who wear multiple hats
  • How to engage the client for a meeting in a professional way
  • Educate and pre-qualify clients on new services such as IT Security or Compliance
  • How to get buy-in quickly with quick project scheduling and budgeting
  • Addressing and managing technical debt
  • An 8 step checklist to perform a professional client meeting