2019 Q1 Release - 14th of January

New Module: Client Engagement Score

The new reporting tool has expanded on the potential use cases in delivering the client experience through structured meetings with Account Managers, vCIOs, salespeople or network administrators. Now you have access to a comprehensive module for planning, delivering and  measuring the impact of those meetings with your clients.
Check the introduction here and the complete documentation of the module here.

  • Client Segmentation and Playbooks
  • Client Activity Types
  • Client Engagement Score
  • Client Activity Management

Please make sure you sign up for a How-to-Live-Training on adopting these tools!

UX Updates

We have also implemented many small UX enhancements in this release. We reconfigured the search engine to include our Solution Sets and Academy Items, and we're always adding more modules to the new engine. We've also tweaked critical functions that will make you more productive. For example now when you upload pictures we properly resize them to save you that entire workflow.

  • Extended search (SS / Academy)
  • Left toolbar to expand functions
  • Drag-and-drop image upload
  • Enhanced error management

Security Updates

As we silently passed the 1300 client mark we decided to completely re-think the security of the product. We've updated many of our internal, tool and feature related processes to make sure we're providing a safe environment. Now you can choose whether we can see your data by providing or revoking access. We've implemented a multi-layered user management interface so you can restrict functions from your employees (Edit Services, Service Bundles, Grader Templates and Access Payment Information Page, Team Assignment Screen, Company Profile Screen). Multi Factor Authentication is in beta so we are openly testing it with selected clients.

  • Account access grant/revoke
  • User levels
  • Two factor authentication (beta)
  • Security fixes

Planned to release on the 5th of February

We are moving our focus during this development cycle to the reports. One major restructuring we've done means we can now add functions we could not before. The structure of the client reports can be changed (add, remove and move widgets for example) and not just inside the templates (big sigh). Snapshots can be created for meetings and a widget is incorporated to show the client your progress from time to time. The Project Roadmap widget will carry statuses and with this the Connectwise Opportunity integration can be developed.

  • Modify a client report
  • Development Roadmap status
  • Snapshot
  • Comparison widget

We are stoked to be able to bring you these updates to you and look forward to your feedback!