2019 Q2 Release - June 21th

Project Roadmaps and Best Practice Standard Adoption



Visualize your project pipeline to maximize cash flow, utilization and client engagement in your solutions.

Visualize, manage and communicate your company-wide project roadmaps across all of your clients. By doing this you’re able to effectively plan and deliver a high-value strategic engagement to your while maintaining efficient resource utilization. Eliminate the fest and famine of project cashflow while elevating your relationships, visibility, and control.  

Check out what is making your roadmaps easier to manage



  • Create Recommendation Roadmaps for Strategic Initiatives
  • Assign Projects to your team members for better visibility and accountability
  • Estimate Project resources, not just monetary budget
  • Visualize all or just the report related recommendations
  • Select Projects from your Service Catalogue or create new items on the fly
  • Add Recommendations to your roadmap from the scoring widgets
  • Complete Projects then take off the recommendations from the scoring
  • Customize the statuses of your projects with custom icons
  • Organize Projects by drag and drops
  • Consolidate Recommendation Roadmaps to a Client Roadmap
  • Consolidate Client Roadmaps to a company-wide Roadmap Portfolio
  • Filter Projects by type/client/assignee
  • Use the Roadmap Portfolio View to analyze your project pipeline, forecast of cash flow and utilization


Best Practice Adoption

Adopt your Best Practice Standards across your clients to get efficiency and communicate change. 

Reducing ticket noise is critical to be efficient with the technical operation so you can deliver better value to your clients and you have more resources to becoming a high-value business partner.

Check out what is making your Best Practice Adoption process better

  • Separate Project Recommendations and Task Recommendations
  • Use the new internal notes for your techs to define and audit Best Practices
  • Use the new Task Libraries to create templated recommendations
  • Use the Tasks with the Scoring Widgets to assess the Best Practice Adoption
  • Use the new Task Widget  to collect an action plan for the clients and demonstrate progress