2020 February Release

Brand new functionality, Major Enhancements and New Services just released

The new release on a bumper sticker

Software Features

  • New Client Projects
  • New Client Report Screen
  • New Report Compare Widget
  • New Client Import from PSA
  • New Connectwise Integration (by request)
  • New Community Portal (by request)
  • Technology Discussions UI enhancements
  • Weekly Live Training
  • Dedicated Member Success Services
  • Monthly Accountability Peer Groups

Virtual-C's vCIO Excellence Membership program has a weekly update webinar. Skip Ziegler and I go through the new features to discuss the use cases and the potential benefits.

The new features one-by-one

New Client Projects

Editing Client Projects in the Roadmap is now possible! This means you can either select a template from the drop-down (from the Service Catalogue) or Create a New Project and then edit it to make it more client-specific and custom tailor it to the context of this roadmap. 

[Hint - in a few weeks you can import live PSA projects and opportunities to the roadmap as well]

Just click on any project on a roadmap and that will bring you up a screen you can edit the name, description, and deliverables as well.

Available in all plans

New Report Screen

Producing more and more reports to more and more clients is a natural progression of client engagement. More information regarding the reports will lead to more opportunities.

  • You can now see and compare all completed reports - which account needs more work, where they are standing regarding the benchmark?
  • You can sort the results by target or account manager - which client has outdated report, who needs more touch on the next coming months?
  • You can filter to specific report - rank your client scores and show them where they stand on your list to spark some motivation to get better

Available in all plans


New Report Score Compare Widget

Many great MSP have started using the best practice of having one report for Periodic Reviews such as Quarterly Business Reviews / Semi Annual Technology Reviews / Monthly Success Reviews and having separate reports to elaborate on different important topics such as Technology Health Audit / Cyber Security NIST Audit / IT Strategy Workshop / Office 365 Audit. Now you are able to make all the different reports scores visible in one widget. This way you are able to manage the scores of different issues separately without overwhelming the client. Add this widget to any report any time using the + button in the top right corner of any other report widget.

Available in all plans

New Client Import from PSA

Now there's an easy and fast way to import and update client contact records. The new import client function (available on the client screen) gives you the ability to:

  • Import multiple clients in one add additional fields like "Seniority" as you bulk import many contacts [Client Screen]
  • Update Contacts from the PSA easily to list all active contacts from your PSA regarding the company and add / edit them in one screen [Client Screen > Contact Tab]

Available in all plans

New Connectwise - Project Roadmap Integration

As the project roadmaps have been utilized among many MSPs we wanted to offer more seamless communication between the client engagement teams (TAM/vCIO/AM etc.) and the operation teams (project leaders, techs, billing, etc.). The new two-way integration for the roadmap works for both Connectwise Opportunities and Projects based on their status, and also convert opportunities to projects in Connectwise as the projects are finalized in MSPL. This gives you an ability to push items from the roadmap through the planning phase, and also receive the updates on projects when you prepare for a meeting. As the integration requires a proper set up for the workflows we turn it on by request. Please request it on the chat!

Available in Delegate and Team plans by request


New Community Portal

We are fortunate to serve the most progressive MSPs in the world. A large part of our success has come as the result of our community pushing for better vCIO, Account Management and Sales initiatives. We've created a new member community portal to make sure we are able to connect more people to reach your goals faster. The community portal serves our most engaged members and gives you a place to share ideas, work on projects and to share information. You can collaborate with your team, other progressive MSP leaders around the world and our ever-expanding group of Expert Partners. The community has a soft launch over the first two quarters of the year. We are moving the peer groups, the partner communities and our feature request management to the community first. Then we'll add the open conversations to courses, solution sets. The community is open for all early adopters. Please request your access in the chat!

Available in all plans by request


Technology Discussion UI Enhancements

While we initially started our development from the vCIO and Strategy perspective, hundreds of MSPs have been leveraging the reporting tool to get into the technical conversations. Those discussions requires more detailed conversations on specific topics and also connecting the issues to specific deliverables synced to PSAs. Here are some UI updates to make the tech conversations better:


1. Edit the Task Recommendation on the fly and sync it to PSA


2. 4 places to move tasks to PSA tickets Integration

  1. Task Widget
  2. Score Widget - Task Recommendations
  3. Score Widget - Category Tickets
  4. Service Review Widget [Delegate and Team Plans only]

All of them will be sent to CW


3. Use the Service Review widget with rich text editor [Delegate or Team Plans only]


4. Let the tech team complete the audits, store information in one place with evidence and then have the vCIO team discuss the findings with clients

Different features are available in various plans

Weekly Live Training 

Learn the fundamentals in our platform software to turn your professional MSP goals into a reality.


Deliver quarterly business reviews and help your clients get excited about the technology that supports their businesses. This is a great session for everyone using Managed Services Platform.


Never miss an opportunity to nurture trust and loyalty. Learn how to manage your team and be on top of client projects. This is a great session if you're looking for guidance on how and when to engage with clients and/or you're managing a team of people.


Define and communicate what makes your brand different from every other MSP. This session is ideal for those who are responsible for communicating your value proposition such as Owners, Sales & Marketing roles.

Available in all plans


Dedicated Member Success Manager

We're taking our dedication to your success to the next level! We're adding dedicated Member Success components to each of our subscriptions. That means more information will be available for you and your team. More live training. More video training. And more 1 on 1 training.  All of this will guide you to faster and more successful implementation. And we're not stopping there. We're going to be bringing regular tool adoptions reports and help you find areas of opportunity to win with your clients. Let's make some SMART goals and win big in 2020!

Please let us know on the chat if you have not been enrolled in a QBR with your member success manager yet!

Available for Delegate and Team plans

Monthly Accountability Peer Groups

We have been running multiple Peer Groups in the past to learn, share and meet with fellow MSPs to help grow their businesses. We have officially made Accountability Peer Groups as part of our standard services to Team package members. We've learned the most progressive  MSPs are facing problems they can solve with those facing similar issues. The group members are setting smart goals through a 1 on 1 QBR session and then sharing the execution, discussing the issues and learning from fellow members. 

Please let us know on the chat if you have not been enrolled to a peer group yet!

Available for Team plans