How to use the SmileBack Widgets

Bring your SmileBack CSAT and NPS scores into Humanize IT Dashboards

You can view your SmileBack scores with the custom widget on any Global or Client Dashboard page.

These Persona Dashboards can then be shared with your client or used by your internal team.

There are 3 options for the SmileBack widget:

  1. a simple view of your CSAT score
  2. a simple view of you NPS score
  3. a super, combined view of both CSAT and NPS

In this example, we'll add the Super widget to an existing Dashboard:


You will need the Website App Key from SmileBack to finish the configuration.

Here is a SmileBack support article on generating the App Key:

Once you have copied the Snippet, paste it into a text editor.  We only need the App id, not all of the embed code.

Copy the App id to your clipboard, and edit the SmileBack widget.  Paste the id code into the field and click save.

Once the page refreshes your scores will be displayed:

Don't forget to save your new Persona!