Basecamp account explained

Is the Basecamp account part of my vCIO plan?

Yes. We have a special Basecamp Account called “vCIO Toolkit” in which we can have unlimited MSPs and unlimited clients in our account. Your vCIO plan comes with access to the “vCIO Toolkit” Basecamp Account. Our limitation is storage. Every MSP has fairly big storage space based on fair use.

How many Basecamp Projects can I create?

You can create as many projects as needed. We're changing the pricing model for the vCIO toolkit next year. Rest assured, all privileges you have for unlimited projects and unlimited users are grandfathered. It will affect only newly signed up users.

How can I set up a Basecamp Integration?

The setup of a Basecamp integration for your team members can be done by your Customer Success Manager (CSM). The process is the following:

  1. Go to an existing Basecamp project in Basecamp. At the top right of the screen invite the team member to the project.
  2. Use the same email address for this team member as in the Managed Services Platform tool, and choose as Team Member.
  3. This team member will automatically get a notification and Basecamp access will be created.
  4. Send this email address to your Customer Success Manager. The CSM will grant the necessary privileges.
  5. After this setup the new team member can create projects independently in our toolkit.

How can I test if the integration is working?

  1. Create a new project in the vCIO Workspace section
  2. Click on the project. If you are in Basecamp, the integration is working.
  3. If you see that you have no access to the project, make sure you're logged in to Basecamp with the same email address you go by in Managed Services Platform (some people have multiple Basecamp accounts)
  4. If that's not the case there is a chance you don't have the proper permission. In this case please bug us on the chat section and we'll fix you up.

How can I import elements to the Basecamp Workspaces?

Currently we have two ways to import elements to the Basecamp workspaces.

1. You are able to import individual services to Basecamp Projects.

In order to import the service delivery items into the Workspaces, go to the Implement Services module and then to the specific service. You can access the Services from the vCIO Module - Service Bundle section or from the Business Building - Implement Services section.

2. You are able to import complete Contracts to the Basecamp Projects.

If you have an ongoing agreement with a client you might create a contract in the company section in the vCIO Workspaces module. If you have created the contract, then clicking on the contract's cog will let you import items to the client's basecamp project. In the pop up you can select the basecamp workspace and also select the various cycles you want to import there. In many cases you aren't importing all annual activities to a workspaces - for example, monthly or quarterly activities.

What types of notifications will my client and I get from Basecamp?

There are two types of notifications in Basecamp. Instant notifications and Daily Digests. Instant notifications will be sent if there is a change in to-dos, files, events, discussions, and notes to which you are assigned. The Daily Digest will contain all changes in the Workspace.

You can change the email frequency or the scope of the notifications in Basecamp. Go To “ME” at the top and choose “Your Basecamp Settings” to access the settings.

Now your team members, like your client, will get a Daily Digest about all the tasks you've completed, and Instant Notifications if they were assigned to the changed item.

If you want to be notified when someone completes a task you assigned, select the “Email me if someone completes a to-do I added to Basecamp” option.

What my clients are going to see in Basecamp?

Your Clients and Team members are going to see:

  • Every project they're invited to,
  • Everyone included in those projects,
  • Every to-do list, Discussion, Note, and Event which is not hidden from clients.

Your Team members will additionally be able to see all items hidden from clients.

Basecamp 3 is out why do we use Basecamp 2?

Basecamp 3 is out, and has many new features. However we feel that the essential benefit has been lost. There is no way to collaborate with clients (only send emails from the tool), and the main view is a bit confusing. We are going to wait until these issues improve and then investigate further. We do believe the new version has promise, and we'll make it an option for you to use in the near future.

Can I integrate the Basecamp account with a PSA with Managed Services Platform?

We see Basecamp as a primary client-facing vCIO/Account Management application now. If you have a vCIO related project you should use Basecamp to manage it. If you have technical resources involved, use your PSA.

We have a plan for hybrid solution but still need more information for optimal design. The idea is that every service can have a technical component. All the to-dos related to it will go to a PSA, and the rest to a Basecamp Workspace. There will also be a function to push every completed to-do to your PSA as a historical item. That means we can open and close a ticket in your PSA in case of completion of a task in Basecamp. In this case you can collect the deliverables in your PSA and the task can be reported/invoiced from there.