Client Touchpoint Alerting

Stay on top of clients and avoid anyone fall through the cracks

Consistency of Client Engagement is key, however it has never been harder to stay proactive. Losing the rhythm with a client can make decisions harder, let issues pile up and lead to less engagement. 

The Client Touchpoint Alerting Feature helps you and your team to stay on top of each client without any extra administration.

No need to remember things, check boxes or administer anything. You only need to set up up a touchpoint frequency with a client, then set up an integration with your dashboard and call it a day. Tickets are generated, email reminders are sent and you get peace of mind that no clients will fall through the cracks anymore.

  • Each Client can be set to a Touchpoint Schedule (Annual, Quarterly, Monthly or No Touch)
  • The system generates Tickets to your PSA every first day of the month and assigns to the Account Manager of the organization
  • The system monitors which client has been reviewed based on certain activities and marks the client touched (and completes the ticket)
  • The system sends weekly email reminders to the team about the clients requiring touchpoinnts and those who were missed in the previous cycle
  • Account Managers can add the Client Touchpoint widgets to the Dashboard to always see who is due for a review
  • Executives can filter clients based on missed and upcoming touchpoints


1. Setup Cycles (Delegate and Team Plan)

First let's set up the client Touchpoint Framework by Setup Client Touchpoint Cycles.

If you are on the Entrepreneur Plan, you have only Annual / Quarterly / Monthly / No Touch default segments. No setup is needed.

If you have Delegate or Teams plan, you can customize the Client Touchpoint Frequency for each Client Segment individually.


2. Setup Clients

After setting up the Segments you can define all clients by adding them to selected segments. Just hover over the Client Cards, select Edit and edit clients inline.

If the clients were segmented before and you just added the cycles to the segments, then your clients are automatically enrolled into Client Touchpoint Alerting.


You will see each client in a specific state

  • Done - The client has been touched inside the given frequency - that means the client is ok
  • Upcoming - The client has not been touched inside the current frequency - that means the client needs interaction within the frequency 
  • Missed - If the client has not been touched inside the last frequency - that means the previous frequency has ended without the client being touched

The system automatically marks a client touched if

  • Projects to Roadmap were added or updated
  • Client Reports were added or updated

You are able to filter clients based on their status on the left side menu.

3. Setup CW Integration

The system is going to generate tickets for each touchpoint at the beginning of each month.

1. The tickets will be sent to a predefined ticket board.

2. If you are on Teams Plan the tickets will be assigned to the client's account manger (make sure their Connectwise email is the same as in MSPL). If you are in Delegate or Entrepreneur plan the tickets will be assigned to a predefined default user.

3. You can export tickets manually once you set everything up. The system generates a ticket for each client in Monthly, Quarterly and Annual frequency.

4. Turn on the sync to generate the required tickets on the first day of each month (for clients in monthly frequency) first day of the quarter (for clients in quarterly frequency) and the first day of the year (for clients in annual frequency).

The sync function will set your tickets completed if the touchpoint is completed in MSPL.

Are you using Connectwise Activities? No Problem! You can set up a CW workflow that will generate and complete CW Activities based on the imported Connectwise Tickets. If you would like to know how let us know and we send a process for that

Coming in 2021 Q1: 

  • Autotask 2 way Integration with the revamped REST API
  • Email Export to push it to your email ticket parser
  • Webhook Export to push activities to your PSA through Zapier

4. Setup Dashboard and Email Reminders

Even when you're time crunched, you can always be on top of your clients by focusing on those accounts that need interaction.

1. Set your dashboard up so that you see both upcoming and missed client touchpoints.

2. All clients who need engagement can be accessed directly from the dashboard

If you have an account management team, make sure that you ask all your team members to turn on notifications!

If you would like to keep up weekly with who is up for engagement or who your team missed just turn on the weekly email notification and make sure is white listed in your spam filter.


5. Client Touchpoints vs. Client Engagement Activities

If you have the CES features and you have been using Client Engagement Activities and Client Engagement Playbooks you might ask what is the difference between the Client Touchpoints and Client Activities.

Reactive Account Management - Client Touchpoints 

These tools let you triage client interactions by softly remind account managers and business owners which client needs any types of interaction. This helps you to make sure that you do not miss potential client activities.

Proactive Account Management - Client Engagement Activities

This tools to let you design a custom account management process and enforce the compliance across Account Managers. This way you have a process everyone can follow and you can track the completion. This helps you to execute a proactive account management plan.

Client Engagement Activities are going to be enhanced with Client Touchpoints. That means you do not have to do anything, this will be helping account managers to get things done.

Client Engagement Activities
Custom Playbooks - X
Client Engagement Score - X
Manually Log Activities - X
Activity Lists - X
Custom Segments - X
Default Segments X X
Add to Dashboard X X
Weekly Email Reminder X X
Filter Based on Statuses X X
CW Ticket Reminders  X -
Automatic Completion X -
Availability All Plans Delegate / Teams Plans

By leveraging the Client Touchpoint Feature you'll never again have to worry about clients falling through the cracks.