ConnectWise Integration

This section of the application stores your native integration with ConnectWise. We use the ConnectWise integration to send services and contracts to your ConnectWise as Projects. We can also open up Tabs in ConnectWise to view the Managed Services Platform application within the ConnectWise session.

To Access the API information in your ConnectWise, first navigate to the My Settings tab. It’s located under your profile picture in the top right top corner. Then choose My Account.

Then choose the My API tab to create your API Keys.

Now you can create a special API Key to allow Managed Services Platform to securely access your information in ConnectWise. Click the Add (+) button, give it a name and you'll create a Public API Key and a Private API key just for you. Make sure you save the private API key. It will only be shown once, so save it somewhere safe.

Now go back to the Managed Services Platform application. To set up the integration, just complete the form:

Take me to My API Keys screen

Connectwise Server name - Please enter your ConnectWise server URL here without the http:// tag

  • Example for cloud:
  • Example for on premise:

Company ID - Enter the company ID information. Ask your ConnectWise administrator if you don't have it on file.

Public API key - Generate an API KEY for our integration in ConnectWise. To do that just go to your personal account and create an API key (details above).

Private API key - When you generate the API KEY make sure you copy/store the Private Key, as it will not be shown again after creation.

As you save it, the tool will try to connect to your ConnectWise instance. If successful it will give you a green message with the number of companies it found. If it can't connect, it will diagnose the issue, such us invalid keys, company not found, invalid URL, etc. If you cannot make it happen, please let us know and we'll help you work it out.

Integrated vCIO Toolkit screens in ConnectWise - You have the ability to create new tabs in the various ConnectWise screens. These tabs will open the Managed Services Platform tool inside ConnectWise. You must be logged into both your ConnectWise and Managed Services Platform systems with the same email username.

There are two places you can input tabs in ConnectWise:

  1. Managed Services Platform
  2. Assignements

To unlock the features you have to take three steps:

  1. Click the "Create all missing screens in ConnectWise" - this will create the tabs inside your ConnectWise account for ALL users. (Not all tabs will be visible to all users - just the ones they need will appear on their screen).
  2. Go into ConnectWise to the Company Screen when a company is selected, click the cog on the tab bar, and choose the "Discovery Process" and "My Workspaces" from the pop up.

This will add your tabs to the tab bar and you give you system access from inside.

3. If you navigate to a company in ConnectWise that's not yet in the Managed Services Platform tool, you're going to get a notification like this:

Click Link external company - if you have the company already listed in Managed Services Platform, to link it together.

Click Import company - if you would like to get all the information from ConnectWise regarding the company and create a new company in Managed Services Platform with that information.

After completing the connection, you'll find new features unlocked in the following places

  • On the vCIO Delivery/My Workspaces screen you can switch from Basecamp to ConnectWise workspaces. After linking the Managed Services Platform companies to your ConnectWise companies you can create Projects in ConnectWise and deploy contracts to those projects from our tool.
  • On the Business Building/Implement Services screen, when you go to one of the services on the vCIO Delivery section, a new button is going to appear at the bottom. It allows you to deploy services to connected ConnectWise projects

Take me to the ConnectWise screen