Connectwise API Integration Setup

Set up the integration and import clients, contacts, opportunities and projects

1. Overview

ManagedServicesPlatform offers a very comprehensive integration with Connectwise.

  • Contact and Company import/export
  • Two-way sync with CW Opportunities and Projects
  • One-way sync with CW Tickets
  • One-way sync with CW Project Milestones and Tickets
  • Hosted API - managed Services Platform can be embedded in CW

2. How to set up the integration

Go to Profile > Integrations


1. Set up the integration by gathering information from your Connectwise. You might need admin privileges to do that.

  • Connectwise Server Name
  • Company ID
  • Public API Key
  • Private API Key
  • Test connections

2. Set up the Hosted API functions so you are able to access Managed Services Platform within Connectwise

  • Add screens by clicking the cog icon
  • Go to your Connectwise > Companies and select a company
  • On the top bar scroll to the very right and click the cog

  • On the popup add the Assignment and ManagedServicesPlatform items to your screens

You are able to access the tool from the company tab and the selected company will be linked from ManagedServicesPlatform

3. Set the permission for the API member

READ company/companies
READ company/contacts

READ project/projects
ADD/EDIT project/projects

READ project/tickets
ADD/EDIT project/tickets
READ project/statuses

READ sales/opportunities
ADD/EDIT sales/opportunities

READ system/connectwisehostedsetups
ADD/EDIT system/connectwisehostedsetups
ADD/EDIT system/connectwisehostedsetups
DELETE system/connectwisehostedsetups

READ system/locations
READ system/reports
READ system/members

READ service/boards
READ service/tickets
ADD/EDIT service/tickets

3. Import Your Clients and Contacts

Go To Clients


1. Click on Import Clients

2. Select the company name or click enter to list all Connectwise companies

  • You can select multiple companies to import
  • If you import from Connectwise the company in Connectwise and in Managed Services Platform will be linked together
  • Please note that you might want to add "Seniority" property as well during import so our system can distinguish CEO / COO / Office Manager / IT Coordinator roles

3. After set up click "All Selected" to import all companies to the system


4. Import Project / Opportunities to Roadmaps

You are able to import projects and opportunities from Connectwise. This helps to use your existing data in Connectwise to push into our Client Project Roadmaps. This helps to prepare for your next meeting quicker and also help the client understand the different proposed and ongoing projects with a better visual.

5. Sync Clients Later

Go to Client > Delivery Tab 

Select the Link Connectwise Company function to be able to sync a Managed Services Platform company with a Connectwise Company.


6. Sync Contacts Later

Go to Client > Contact Tab

If a company is linked to a Connectwise Company you are able to sync the contacts for changes