Embed Calendar Applications for Easy Scheduling

Why Embed Calendar Applications to your Structured Meeting Reports?

We all know that scheduling a meeting in a sales or service review call is critical to getting the next meeting nailed down. We're also all familiar with forgetting to do it or finding it an arduous process when we do remember.

Having a calendar scheduling app embedded into your structured meeting report helps you not only to remember but also delivers a seamless experience to the client.

It's easy to do but easy not to do. Make sure you don't forget to schedule your next meeting. Use Calendly, Microsoft Booking or any other tool you can hook to your calendar and embed into an iFrame.

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How To Embed Calendar Applications

You can use the general iFrame based embeds on the content widget

  1. Check whether the application can be embedded as an iframe

2. Grab the URL or embed code. Example: https://calendly.com/mspl/orientation/
3. Open the Content Widget and use the HTML editor

4. Use the following code to insert a content widget

<iframe src="https://calendly.com/mspl/orientation/" style="width:100%; height:650px;" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes"></iframe>

5. Replace the "URL" with the calendar app's URL or use the calendar app's embed code directly