Embed your client facing Google documents

It does not matter what the goal of your structured meeting is, what you want is to get your ideas across quicker, better and more entertaining possible.

Think about the goal of your meeting and brainstorm what type of documents can support your goal

Quick Ideas if your goal is to sign off projects:

  • Before your meeting: a quick presentation to set the agenda items, set the collected issues and questions for them so everybody is prepared
  • During the meeting: including a spreadsheet with your project proposals and their budget can help them to make decisions quickly
  • After the meeting: a memo of the meeting with the decisions they made with items needs to be signed off can help to get those projects started

If you are not sure use the chat and tell us what your goal is on the next meeting and we help you out!

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How To Embed Google Documents

  1. Share your Google Document

2. Grab the shareable link
3. Open the Content Widget and set to <HTML> mode
4. Paste the following code to the widget

5. Replace the YOUR CODE COMES HERE part with your link

6. Refresh your browser if it is not showing the embedded document
7. Make sure the document is shared with the proper access