Getting Started

Setup your Managed Services Platform account in 8 simple steps. We've got articles and a video overview to help you get up and running.

Setting up Managed Services Platform is easy. We've outlined the best way to start your Client Engagement Excellence to provide with Client Experience and becoming a high-value business partner of your clients.


We know transforming your business is a big hairy audacious goal. But each journey starts with one single step. We believe that besides your long term goal you want to get some quick wins out of the gate.

1. Short Term Scope: To get value right now

Get a quick win by booking engaging client meeting with 3 of your clients. Becoming a high-value business partner means engaging face-to-face structured meetings.

  1. Set up 3 clients that you want to book a meeting with
  2. Create a Tactical Quarterly Business Review report
  3. Follow the instructions inside the report
  4. Take a Snapshot & Share with your Clients

Rather watch a video? Check out the full Structured Meeting Tool overview below.

Long Term Scope: Put together a roadmap for success

Every MSP is different and we want you to be able to build your company your way. That is why we start with a readiness assessment which lead us to a business development roadmap.

  1. Set up a readiness assessment meeting with your Member Success Manager
  2. Sign up for the Client Engagement Excellence Masterclasses
  3. Review the Client Engagement Excellence Program
  4. Start the Client Engagement Excellence Foundations Course

Rather watch a video? Check out the Client Engagement Program overview

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