Setup your Managed Services Platform account

Setup your Managed Services Platform account

Platform Basics Walkthrough

How to setup your company account (champions)

If you are the first champion user of Managed Services Platform we advise the following steps to get you set up and running:

1. Schedule a Software Kickoff Meeting

  • Understand your challenges and goals
  • Hands-on walkthrough of how others solved the problems you are facing
  • Set up everything in your account
  • Assemble all resources you need for success
  • Create a step by step personalized action plan for yourself
  • Schedule your Graduation Call

2. Set up your account

  • Set up your company
  • Invite your key users
  • Add your company Logo
  • Grant access to support
  • Set up integrations
  • Set up email domain

3. Set up your clients

  • Add a client manually
  • Import clients from your PSA
  • Add client logos
  • Set Account Manager
  • Set Client Segments
  • Import Projects / Opportunities from your PSA

Set Up your Personal Account (all users)

If you are a either a champion or a regular user this is what you need to set up your personal profile:

1. Set up your personal account

  • Complete your profile
  • Complete your roles and goals 
  • Upload your Photo
  • Turn on Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Turn on weekly notification

2. Select a S.M.A.R.T Goal for yourself

More about the SMART Goal concept here!


30 day Self Help Quickstarter Programs

90 day Guided Partner Programs

3. Explore the Solution Set Marketplace

More about the Solution Set concept here

4. Try how you can get help

5. Learn the Tools

You can sign up for live training here

All Plans:

  1. Learn the Client Meeting Software
  2. Learn the Service Marketing Software

Delegate and Team Plans:

  1. Learn the Account Management Software
  2. Learn the Service Development Software 
  3. Learn the Service Sales Software (coming soon)

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