How to Build Client Rapport Under Pressure & Limited Time

How to prepare for an IT Infrastructure report in 30 minutes

A new customer of Managed Services Platform called us the other day: “Guys, I have a concerned client and risk going into a meeting completely unprepared. I want to do it professionally so they see I am fully organized on their needs, that I can get my ideas across and have an engaging meeting with them. Oh.. did I say I have only one hour?”. We helped this client shift from being reactive, defensive and unorganized to professional, confident and prepared by assembling their personal committed overview ready for the meeting in 30 minutes using our pre-built templates and software. This is how the risk was turned into an opportunity.


After our session with the MSP, and getting a strong result quickly, we recorded a similar process internally with a mock client to be able to demonstrate the preparation process. We went through the process the same as we do with our MSP client. We should note that this is not a normal process, but an example of how our tool can be used in a firefight to save a potential churning client.



  • MSP was able to control the communication rather than reacting to client complaints
  • MSP was able to demonstrate the value of the services and show that the client issues were minor problems easily fixable with suggested projects (free in MSPL)
  • MSP was able to get on the same page with a client on what to do next and to set proper expectations going forward
  • The MSP owner was delighted in not just saving the client, but turning them into an advocate with a proper communication process


  • Roles - Account Managers / Technical Account Managers / vCIOs
  • Maturity Level - Low / Medium
  • MPSL Software Subscription - Entrepreneur Plan ($250/month)
  • Solution Set Prerequisites - IT Infrastructure Audit Solution Set
  • Time: 30-60 minutes



  • Use an IT Infrastructure Audit to frame the problems in a business context
  • List all the issues onto a roadmap as custom solutions to client issues
  • Score all other domains to demonstrate the value of services
  • Use the missing score items to generate more project items
  • Finalize a project roadmap with all current issues and all proactive projects
  • Use the roadmap to move the client from reactive tactical thinking to a proactive strategic mindset