Get approval of initiatives before you send a detailed quote

Your clients are often initially excited to move forward with certain projects. You put the project onto the roadmap and then work hours to get all the details to be able to send a quote. After sending it to the client with the precise dollar amount, however, they often get less excited and may postpone or just reject the quote.

Image 2021-01-26 at 10-31-16-pngThe Proposal Feature helps you and your team to qualify clients to projects, price test and get informal approval to projects BEFORE you and your team spend hours on project quotes that aren't yet approved.

  • You can create a proposal right in the meeting inside the report screen
  • You can simply select projects in the roadmap to add to a proposal
  • You can simply add a line discount to offer an incentive
  • You can send a tokenized link to a client with a simple approval process
  • You can easily add terms & conditions to cover liability of agreement 


1. Create a Proposal on the Client Screen or in the Report

You can simply add a new proposal on the client screen.

  • Add a name to a proposal
  • Select a project from the Roadmap (projects can be added from the roadmap only)
  • Price is going to be added based on the roadmap budget
  • You can add a Line Discount
  • You can add a note
  • You can add Terms and Conditions
  • You can see if the project has been added to other proposals or work in progress

You can create a proposal on the Client Screen

You can create a proposal inside the report

You can track the status of each individual proposal

2. Send a tokenized link for approval

You can use a third party tool to make the links to your domain. You can revoke the proposal any time by refreshing the tokenized link.

Client can Approve or Reject your Proposal. the system sends a short email confirmation to the following emails:

  • Main Recipient: The email added through the approval process
  • CC: Account Manager of the client
  • CC: The creator of the proposal


3. View the Approved Proposals in the Roadmap

You can track the Approved Projects on your Roadmap


4. Setup Profile Terms and conditions

This proposal is not legally binding however we suggest you add a link to your general Terms & Conditions. You can edit the link to your T&C in the company profile section.


Leveraging the proposal function will enable you to spend less time crafting detailed project plans.