How to Organize your Meeting Reports

Use Sections, set widget visibilities to organize your report effectively

You can organize your report by adding sections and setting the visibility of widgets and sections.

1. How to organize the report with the Table of Contents Slider

Hover over the left hand side of the screen to open the table of contents.

  • organize your widgets into sections
  • move widgets and sections by drag and drop
  • remove and hide/unhide widgets and sections by hovering over them

Image 2020-03-25 at 08.07.35

2. How to organize sections

Hover over the header of a widget to be able to

  • hide/Unhide a complete section
  • edit the name of the section

Image 2020-03-25 at 08.26.45


3. How to organize widgets

Hover over the header of a widget to be able to

  • hide / Unhide an individual widget
  • edit the name of the widget
  • add a Task to a Widget (will appear on Task Widget with a link)
  • set the visibility of all widgets on the section
  • add a new widget to a section