How to post a Grader to Social Media?

Use your webpage or the grader's start page on social media to have the best conversion

1. Share Your Page on Social Media

Your Grader can be launched from many ways from your website. 

  1. An embedded Button to your page
  2. Popup Lead Magnet 
  3. Smart Bar Lead Magnet
  4. Slideout Lead Magnet

You simply share your page on social media. The people click on your link and go to your website. The page explains the benefits of the grader and they click on the lead magnets or the button.

This way you can loose conversion as they have to find the lead magnet / button etc.

2. Share Your Page on Social Media with Autostart

If you are using an embedded button on your website you can call out the grader with the ?autostart=1 parameter. This will auto start the grader in a popup screen. That will increase your conversion.

Add a parameter to the end of your url:

You send parameters starting with with "?" on a URL, If you have parameters already on the URL then just add a "&" before autostart


  • no other parameters: <<URL>>?autostart=1
  • additional parameters ahead: <<URL>>?<<parameters>>&autostart=1

3. Share The Grader Welcome Page Directly on Social Media

If you click your grader you can see the URL on your browser that it redirects you to the domain with your unique grader id. This URL can be shared in social media directly.

Although the prospect is starting the questionnaire on the domain, you can craft the thank you page the way to move them to your page.


    4. Embed the Grader on your page

    One of our awesome clients showed a quick way to embed the grader to a web page by using iFrame. So it will have this on your URL. (Thanks)

    <iframe width="100%" height="100%" scrolling="auto" src="<<graderID>>">…</iframe>


    If you have any question ask us on the chat!