How to personalize, protect and brand your online link shares

Use a link shortener application to generate password protected, expiring, targeted and personalized links

You are able to generate many links in Managed Services Platform to send to clients from graders, shared reports, report questionnaires, scorecard questionnaires and so on. There are some special use cases where you may like to expand the current link sharing functionality

  • to password protect a link (security)
  • to find out who clicked the link (engagement)
  • to make the link hide our URL (branding)
  • set an expiration date of the share (security or campaign)
  • campaign targeting (grader sources)

While these functions are on our roadmap there are workarounds you can take advantage of in the meanwhile by using a link shortener application. There are many applications available on the market. We recommend: as it answers all of the challenges above.

Password Protection

password protection on

Link Expiration:

Expiration date and time settings on

Branded Links:

Changing slug of link at


Statistics charts on


Campaign Tracking:

Expiration URL defining at

Let us know other use cases you might be interested in!