How to sync activities to your calendar

Never forget a client meeting! Subscribe to iCAL activities to track personal and team activities

What’s it do?

You are able to subscribe to your activities and your team activities through iCAL.

It will add calendar entries to your calendar with

  • Client name
  • Activity Name
  • Contact name / email
  • Direct link to MSPL

This way you can track future client activities.

How to Set it up

1. Go to Clients > Activities
or click

2. Locate the ‘Subscribe to iCAL Activities’ button

3. Click to Create a Personal / Team Calendar Link

This will create a unique link you can add to your calendar application (mac, ios, windows or android etc.).

This is only a one way integration. Changing the activities in your calendar will not be reflected within Managed Services Platform.

4. Subscribe to the calendar

If you are not familiar with how to subscribe to an iCAL calendar in your calendar application, just check your application's help.

Make sure you:

  • customize the name of the calendar
  • colour
  • refresh period
  • alerts