How to use the COVID-19 Remote Work Readiness Audit

Use high-touch scoring and reports with clients to generate a remediation roadmap

1. COVID-19 Readiness Audit Explained

A simple way to communicate how well a business is prepared for remote work, and where they need to implement technologies.


2. COVID-19 Readiness Audit Tool and Report

  • Main Readiness Score
  • Category Scores
  • Remediation Plan (budget / time / status) with Connectwise Integration
  • Detailed Remediation Project Templates (customizable for each client)
  • Detailed assessment with notes / tickets with Connectwise Integration
  • PDF export / Online Share


3. COVID-19 Readiness Audit Process

This is a complete Report with a questionnaire, scoring, 23 remediation projects, and project roadmaps.

This is going to help you to audit clients, show them a score with a breakdown, and follow up with an action plan.

Using the COVID-19 Readiness Assessment Audit

  1. Create a client or import from your PSA
  2. Add the report to the client
  3. Complete internally or send this questionnaire to a tech / client
  4. Add the remediation Projects to the COVID-19 Remediation Plan
  5. Customize the projects by clicking on them in the plan
  6. Add budget / time estimates
  7. Select statuses and responsibilities
  8. Review the Project Scope Section
  9. Share the report with the client

Completion time around 15-20 minutes per client; produces a report supporting a remote meeting.


4. How-To Setup & Use the COVID-19 Remote Work Readiness Audit