HTML Content Limitations

If you run into the error: payload error or Error during file upload

What causes the issue?

In a report, you can add rich text in many different areas.

We have a 700kb limitation for each widget in the client-facing report. If you exceed the limit the report will indicate an error as it saves continuously.

We have a 700kb limitation for all the internal notes in the template. If you exceed the limit the report template cannot be saved until you are under the limit.

What is behind?

The real problem is that if you copy from Word / Excel you can paste it to a content widget and it looks nice. Under the hood, a 250 character text can be made up of a 10kb HTML source as Microsoft uses special formatting. This means you can exceed the limit without actually seeing a lot of data.

What can you do about it?

The fix is pretty easy. You only have to clean out those HTML codes. The simple way is when you copy content from Word you clean the HTML with a service like

You just copy your text into the left section and click Clean and it creates a clean code. Then you paste the text the same way (not the HTML, but the normal, formatted text) into the editor. That will dramatically reduce the code size.





Image Size

System Error: "Error during file upload"

This limitation will also apply to image files.  The pixel count does not necessarily dictate the size.  Large files should be reduced by cropping out unnecessary sections or using an image editor to reduce the file size.