Product Roadmap

Submit Feature Requests

We welcome you to submit feature requests. You can do it directly in our Feedback Center or in the chat by clicking the Feedback button. We encourage you to review current requests, up-vote, comment and subscribe for notifications. If the status of the feature changes we notify you immediately.


We currently do not offer visibility to our official product roadmap. We do, however, track and report on the status of the many feature requests submitted to the Feedback Center. You can search for functions, features and check the status of all items within.

Beta Program

We are running a Beta Program among Early Adopter Clients. The goal of the program is to fine tune UI patterns and templates before the official release. This involves deploying those features to the Beta module while it still needs more tweaking, feedback and usage before we make it public. At your request we can turn on the "Beta" module inside your account, which will allow you to access all not-yet-released functions in the system. The Beta program is available only for Professional and Custom plans.

Please use the chat to request Beta access.