You can customize all vendor report templates that you have, or you can create a new one if you delete all of the content in an existing report template.

To customize a vendor report template

  1. Click on “Create New Report Template” box
  2. Select a report template from vendor templates at your disposal. If you don’t have any vendor templates, or you can’t find the right template that you want to customize, please visit our Marketplace and browse there.
  3. Click on the Add button
  4. Add a new name to your report template
  5. Customize the content of existing widgets, delete widgets if it is necessary or ad new ones. You can add new widgets by clicking on “Add Widget” button that you can find on the left bottom side of each widget box. You can select between the following widget types:

Content: there is a content editor box where you can add meeting notes, presentations or any type of text with pictures or videos. You can also add all types of embedded content to content widget. To learn more about how to embed, please visit these help articles.

Score Overview: With the five scale maturity model clients can see his or her total current and future status after filling in the questionnaire part of the report. Please add a name for the five maturity ranges/levels and explain to him or her your scoring method and the meaning of each. You can customize the colours of the ranges with the colour selector or add RGB colour code.

Score Category Results: this widget shows the current category and future state of your clients are. So you can review which part of the questionnaire your client has, discover and review problems and expectations needed to resolve the issues.

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