You can take Courses to develop a skill, implement a tool or learn. However sometimes you would like to see multiple Courses in a bigger context. You might Setup the Solution Stack Score Tool but you would like to see how much the Account Management Role is developed across your company. The Roadmap function gives you a special view bundling multiple courses together for a greater cause.


You can use the star icon on the top to make a Roadmap favourite. In this case the Roadmap will be visible on your dashboard. This way you can follow your most important initiatives.

Overview Tab

Helps you to understand the context of the Roadmap or might give you additional details or resources.


List of Courses are bundled into the Roadmap divided by sections. You are able to assign a course to yourself or to a team member. This way the Course will be visible on their/your assignment screen. You can also see the overall progress of the team on the given Course. Also you can click to the individuals and see what assets they have completed already.


You can see all the important events regarding your team progress such as completing courses.

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