Service, Technology Stack and Best Practice Standardization

This article explains the process to get your standards adopted by your clients

This article consists almost two hours of video content. The videos will explain the general standardization concept and practical walk-throughs on how to design the standards, implement them within Managed Services Platform and then get them adopted by your clients.

The concept is explained in more detail in the Client Engagement Excellence Program Course materials. 

Virtual-C is a certified Managed Services Platform partner, providing custom technology standard developing services to our members. 

Standardization Overview

Growing a service business and bolstering the bottom line requires standardization. It is important to standardize the operative daily processes and procedures (Technology Best Practices), the services, providers, devices you support (Technology Stack) and the services you provide (Service Offering). The standardization effort requires accountability, development process, adoption process (Planning), Development of Standards and an Audit Process for Adoption (Development) plus a successfully executed adoption project (Adoption).

Introduction to the 3 levels of standardization

A typical MSP needs to standardize the Service Offering, Technology Stack and the Technology Best Practices. This video walks you through the three individual levels and their role in your overall operational efficiency.


Standardization Process

The standardization process includes an internal development process and a client adoption process. This video explains the step by step process of both.


Technology Stack Standardization

Technology Stack Standards are the first being developed. This can guide standardization among your solution stack which dramatically increases the operational efficiency. The adoption is challenging as it requires client investment and change over systems that will require additional technology projects.


Best Practice Standardization

The next step is best practice standardization in order to set standard operating procedures among the setup of the tools and the client processes. The adoption is challenging both in developing internal processes as well as adoption among the client base.


Service Standardization

The last step is to standardize the offering and get adoption among all clients. That leads to a unified experience for clients and a productized service portfolio.