Growth Roadmap with Managed Services Platform

Proven process to get set up and running and get positive ROI in hours

Goals with the platform

There are four goals of MSPs that are supported by the platform to grow your company in a predictable way

MSP growth goals

  1. Expand Existing Clients - Grow your company by expanding your existing client base with QBRs, Project Sales and Roadmap development activities
  2. Structure AM/vCIO Operation - Grow your company by streamlining and scaling the AM/vCIO activities by Playbooks, Activity planning, Activity Tracking and employee goals
  3. Win New Customers - Grow your company by utilizing a consultative sales process with Needs Assessments, Differentiation and Proper solution presentation
  4. Implement New Services - Grow your company by not just developing more services but bundling them properly, communicating their value and monetizing them like additional cyber security services

Tools of the platform

There are four different tools that can be leveraged to achieve the four goals.

MSP growth tools

  1. Client Meeting Report Tools - flexible tool to design and deliver any type of client meeting with a quickstarter pack full of templates, projects and education
  2. Am/VCIO Operation Tools - unique tool designed for MSP account managers and vCIOs to plan meetings ahead, track activities and predict engagement with a quickstarter providing a complete blueprint to design and operate an effective AM/vCIO organization
  3. IT Consultative Sales Tools - specific needs assessment engine to gather information from prospects and present the MSP solution of high level differentiation with a quickstarter package including MSP and cyber security services and needs assessments
  4. Service Development Tools - specific pricing, packaging of services with added marketing, sales and service delivery information to get aligned internally and be able to monetize on the added services

Plans of the platform

We designed the platform's packages to match with the typical maturity, size and use cases needed for the various MSP types.

MSP growth software

  1. Entrepreneur Plan - great for MSPs where the owner is performing the majority of the client meetings; it helps her to be effective, save time and pass info to the team after meetings
  2. Delegate Plan - great for MSPs where the owners might be partially doing client meetings but there is an AM or vCIO in-house already; the tool helps organize their operation and adds more function to expand to sales activities as well
  3. Team Plan - designed for larger, more mature MSPs where there are multiple employees working with clients, doing sales and design services; as they have more resources the structured service development and AM/vCIO operation are critical components

Roles in the platform

There are three major roles in the software. These roles are handled by one individual (small MSPs) two individuals (mid size MSPs) and three or more individuals (large MSPs). The more people involved the more communication is needed, as well as new rules and processes. 

MSP roles in the Managed Services Platform

  1. Executive Role - using the tool to give direction to the people, assign courses, plan playbooks, review activities and client roadmaps and make the team accountable
  2. Champion Role - the admin of the software, power user, sets up integrations and knows the tool the best
  3. User Role - using the software in various modules in order to get things done. 

Onboarding and Success Process of the Platform

We designed a separate ramp-up process for each plan to work with 90% of MSPs. For the other 10% we have custom built processes.

Onboarding and Success Process of the Managed Services Platform

  1. Entrepreneur Plan - 30 day process to generate $10.000 - $50.000 project revenues in 5 client meetings. Guided Development as additional professional service is an option to secure the process.
    • Onboarding Assets + Live Training
  2. Delegate Plan - 90 day process breaking down the three major goals for month long processes. A dedicated member success manager helps with additional services. Three different professional services are optional to help the busiest clients who need the most care.
    • + Dedicated Member Success Manager Onboarding Meetings
  3. Team Plan - 90 day process with added layer for strategic planning and execution with the owner. This helps to not just give the team goals but it makes them accountable, as well. Additional Guided implementation services are highly recommended to organize teams.
    • + Team Consultation Services with Strategy Assessment, Development and Project Management

Integrations of the Platform

There are two different kinds of integrations we developed for the platform. You are able to integrate with your internal stack to make sure your internal workflows are integrated. The second is to make engaging client facing documents with 

Integrations of the Managed Services Platform

PSA Integration: the goal is to make sure your team's workflows are streamlined and they can import projects/opportunities to reports, export tickets, projects or opportunities and also to sync roadmaps two ways. 

Report Widget Embed: the goal is to be able to make your report as a hub of all kinds of documents you have to prepare, update and share with clients. You can organize those to one place and manage centrally through widgets. This can be any type of application can have a public embed output which makes your report's opportunities endless.