Deliver Engaging Remote QBRs and IT Strategy Meetings

2020 May Update

We are in very uncertain times 😨. Once you enable all of your clients to work remotely it is becomes more difficult to engage them to do more. 😩

We created this update to enable you to

  • increase the frequency of your meetings to be top-of-mind with your clients
  • score quick-win projects to secure your cash-flow
  • help your clients make quick decisions based on data and visuals
  • do all of the above 100% remotely

3 new QBR templates

We've updated your templates to give you more tools you can use today! 💪

  • 3 new and updated QBR templates
  • IT Infrastructure Health Assessment
  • 38 project templates
  • A framework to deliver remote QBRs
  • A framework for choosing the right templates
  • 12 Step Course to get client meetings done

Learn more about the templates here

If you have not added the Client Meeting Report - Quickstarter Pack

Add the Solution Set here

If you have the Client Meeting Report - Quickstarter Pack already

Update the Solution Set here

How to personalize, protect and brand your online link shares

As you do most of your client meetings remotely, some functions are getting more critical for secure and controlled content sharing. You are able to generate many links in Managed Services Platform to send to clients from graders, shared reports, report questionnaires, scorecard questionnaires and so on. There are some special use cases where you may like to expand the current link sharing functionality

  • to password protect a link (security)
  • to find out who clicked the link (engagement)
  • to make the link hide our URL (branding)
  • set an expiration date of the share (security or campaign)
  • campaign targeting (grader sources)

Read the full article here

Remote Client Meeting webinars and Live Training

We are creating and hosting many events to make sure you and your team can take advantage of the opportunities of remote client meetings.

Recorded Webinar:

How to make your team more productive, focused and accountable to accomplish the overwhelming amount of remote client meetings. Learn how to protect your revenue streams and provide stability to your team by closing project opportunities with strategic Audits and QBRs delivered remotely.

Deliver Engaging Remote QBRs and IT Strategy Meetings - Denes Purnhauser

Upcoming Webinar:

In today’s distributed workforce everyone is settling into a routine. However, they haven't really given objective thought into how their presence is viewed by their clients. We are still playing by old rules.  Dress nice, speak clearly, have a predefined agenda. However, this is no longer the case, it takes a back seat to web presence.

Live Trainings:

Client Meeting Report Coaching

We are able to support you and your team with 1-1 Live Remote Meeting Shadowing. How? We can help you to prepare for a meeting, shadow you during the session then follow up and give you an improvement action plan.

  • Preparation for two important meetings
  • Shadowing through 2 meetings
  • Soft Skill Development Session

Contact your member success manager and learn more about the opportunity