vCIO Dashboard

Use this visually appealing dashboard to run your QBRs and Pre-Sales meetings to show your value against an international baseline.


If you have access to the new dashboard you may be wondering "How do I use this?".  IN this article we have the answers!

First review the beta launch video where we give an in-depth review of what the new dashboard is, how it drives revenue, and how it is used to impress clients.


Key Features:

  • HIT Framework
  • ITCQ (Intelligent Technology Competitive Quotient)
  • Target Scores
  • Visually Optimized
  • Mobile view for quickly impressing clients
  • Force Business Focused Conversations

Deep Dive:

HIT Framework

First lets talk through the HIT Framework.  This is our design for distilling all the amazing things you do for your clients. The most common response from clients in our testing has been "Oh wow, that is a lot easier to understand" which results in more sales for our members.  The framework is a very easy way to start auditing customers so you can show them value in the areas that matter most for them.  Unlike many other programs, HIT is intended to be simple and have you up and running with a client in less than an hour.

To learn more head over to the framework page.


For those of you who have been with Managed Services for a while, you recognize this.  It is our own proprietary way of measuring the worldwide average score against the client's current score.  We calculate this with a ridiculous amount of math and data we have inside the platform that we have been collecting over the past 8 years. This number is re-calculated every night and is the main reason you have to be on a new plan to utilize the dashboard.

As the data set evolves we will start making more options available to refine the ITCQ scores to help push your sales.

How do you use the ITCQ? 

  • Click on ITCQ to activate the ITCQ mode for that pillar. This changes the conversation to the competitive advantage that working with your MSP provides.
  • Pre-Sales: One of the big uses is to show clients that their incumbent MSP is underperforming. Then you can show them the target score for where they will be if they work with your MSP.
  • Expansion: Another great use for the ITCQ is to show your client that they are not maintaining their competitive edge against other businesses.  If the average risk score is 31% and they are at 22% then they know for a fact that they are at a higher risk of issues than average.  You can now sell them on that risk management project you have been pining after for years.

Target Scores

Target Scores allow you to show where a client will be if they commit to the projects you recommend. In your audit reports, this is the aggregate score of all items marked with "Future State".  We recommend putting things in future state that fit into your pricing program.

For Example: If Managed PCs are part of your Platinum program that you plan on pitching to your client, make sure the option is selected as "Future State" on the audit. However, if it is an optional project, add it manually using the plus button on the dashboard so they do not get calculated but the client is given the option of reviewing it.  If the client buys in via a project proposal, move the recommendation to "Future State" and the Target Score will adjust.

  • Click on Target Scores to activate target mode to show your client how they will grow this year.
  • Pre-Sales: Show your clients how much farther the client will grow with your packages.
  • Expansion: Show your clients that if they upgrade to your Platinum package how much better served they will be as well as how much more solid they will feel.

Visually Optimized

The dashboard is visually optimized to 1080p and dark mode. This means that when you hit the full screen (F11) in your browser, the dashboard will look amazing on most projectors and Zoom screen shares. This has been carefully crafted for the Wow factor with clients. They are expecting paper and PowerPoint.  Walking in with this...immediately your client's eyes will be drawn in.

Reduced data on the screen also allows us to avoid analysis paralysis with our clients. The decision is easy for them to commit to. The dashboard is geared to only display a limited amount of data to drive sales. You can expand all recommendations and customize them where necessary.  

Mobile view for quickly impressing clients

The dashboard is mobile-friendly!  If you are in an elevator and want to quickly pitch a prospect.  Pull out your phone and show them the dashboard. "This is how we measure success and help you drive your business".  60 seconds at a conference or out in a lobby and you can impress a prospect! So make sure to bookmark a test client on your mobile browser!

Force Business Focused Conversations

This is one of the #1 questions I get asked constantly.  "How do I get my engineers to have business conversations,  they arent MBAs"

Our dashboard takes all the technical jargon out. As well we force 2 fields to be populated, that is the business goal and industry.  Anyone can fix computers for them,  you are there to drive their business to new heights. 

By having Target scores and ITCQ as the central topics of the presentation we ensure the client understands how your recommendations will help them increase their scores. No more focus on firewalls and tech...the focus is on growing business.