What are Client Segments?

Client Segments are groups of clients who are similar in terms of size, maturity, complexity or another characteristic which determines the way you get and keep them engaged.

The industry best practice among MSPs with whom we've been working over the years is to generate client segments based on client size. The size usually reflects the complexity and the Monthly Recurring Revenue of the clients. These are the main factors on determining their needs and potential resources .

For inspiration we have defined the typical Client Segments that get different Client Experience Playbooks (CEP™)

  • A - VIP: these are your top tier clients paying a lot so you invest time and resources to keep them engaged with high touch activities
  • B - Mid Size: average clients need proactive engagement and you have the resources to be able to deliver high touch activities
  • C - Small: these clients are not complex enough or spend too little to justify many high touch activities
  • D - Micro: they can be legacy break-and-fix clients or who just don't need anything more than basic IT services
  • Strategic Prospect: these are not clients yet but you'd like to generate enough engagement with them to make it so in the future
  • Onboarding Process: clients on the onboarding phase you would like to make sure are engaged beyond the technical aspects