Smart Goals Explained

Role Specific programs for growth

We are introducing role specific SMART goals for you to accelerate your growth with one role at a time.

  • Account Managers: Generate $100.000 project revenues in 10 strategy driven QBRs
  • How to grow with vCIO:  Upgrade 3 clients to a paid stand alone vCIO package with $3.000 MRR 
  • Technical Account Management: Approve a Technology Roadmap with all key clients to adopt your Technology Standards
  • Sales: Get in front of 5 high-value prospects and close 2 deals with $5.000 MRR
  • Cyber Security: Upgrade 10 clients to a paid stand alone Cyber Security Package with $25/user/month
  • Managers: Structure your Account Management and vCIO Operation with Client Engagement Score



Growing your business can be done with quick high-intensity bursts. These results unsustainable growth with short peaks of results. We want to make sure you have a long term vision, break those to quarter long rocks you can deliver. Those rocks are focusing on one area, fix the bottleneck and keep it sustainable. Then you move your attention to the next goal but build on top of the previous efforts.

  1. Platform Orientation Meeting - if you have no membership yet, let's start exploring your goals and discover how the platform might serve your growth
  2. Growth Readiness Assessment - assess your readiness of growth and identify the bottlenecks holding you back preventing your breakthrough
  3. Smart Growth Action Plan - build a SMART goal and plan your next steps to achieve those goals with an action plan
  4. Execute your Rock - do it by yourself, pick an expert guide's education or engage with a 1-many or 1-1 program to make things change
  5. Repeat - go back to the drawing board, choose your next goal and get started on the next quarter.... 

Grow your enterprise one quarter at a time