What is the Client Engagement Score (CES™) Chart?

Target Client Engagement Score (CES™)

A Target Client Engagement Score (CES™) is a calculated number you want to achieve with a particular client segment. The Client Engagement Score (CES™) (blue line) is a weighted average of the Client Experience Activities (CEA™) delivered in the past or forecast in the future.

Individual Client Experience Activity (CEA™) Score

The individual Client Experience Activity (CEA™) Scores are calculated by the following formula:

  • Engagement Factor * Seniority Factor

Engagement Factors

  • High = 100
  • Medium = 50
  • Low = 25

Seniority Factors

  • Top Manager = 1.0
  • Senior Manager = 0.75
  • Middle Manager = 0.5
  • Power User = 0.25
  • General Employee = 0.1


  • IT Infrastructure Audit (100) with Top Manager (1.0) = 100
  • Strategic Business Review (100) with Senior Manager (0.75) = 75
  • Lunch & Learn (50) with Middle Manager (0.5) = 25

This helps you to set proper expectations of engagement of the various client segments. It also helps communicate expected deliverables to your Account Managers and set proper expectations with the client as well.

As you assign playbooks to clients and log activities, you can review which clients are on and off target.

Forecast Client Engagement Score (CES™)

The Forecast Client Engagement Score (CES™) goal predicts client engagement over time based on the delivered/planned Client Experience Activities (CEA™). We use a weighted average formula to make sure the older Client Experience Activities (CEA™) influence the score less than the current.

Forecast Client Engagement Score (CES™) is calculated by the following formula:

  • Weighted Average of Client Experience Activity (CEA™) scores of the last 9 months
  • The Weighted Average is calculated by the following weights from the current month to the previous months (1, 0.9, 0.8, 0.7, 0.6, 0.5, 0.4, 0.3, 0.2)