Workflow Integrations

Integrations to increase productivity during preparing and follow ing up client meetings



After a successful meeting you need to push the items to the following areas:

Follow up with a client

Close the meeting loop and prepare for the next cycle

  • Share the MSPL report with the clients
  • Print the MSPL report and handoff to the client

Small Action Items

Action items do not require any additional planning or proposal
  • PSA Tickets from MSPL Tasks to the team does not need any payment involved
  • List of action items as a note from MSPL Widgets

Large Action Items

Action items need planning or proposal

  • PSA Opportunities from MSPL Projects if the workflow needs a proposal to be sent
  • PSA Projects from MSPL Projects if the workflow can go to delivery directly

Oversee and Communicate Progress

Manage the progress on the deliverables in the roadmap.

  • MSPL Snapshots are for showing previous states of their scores and widgets
  • MSPL Project Status is for showing the status for each project in the roadmap - synced with PSA
  • MSPL Score is for showing the what Future State switched to Current state over time