2018 Q4 Release - 1st of November

From the beginning of September through the end of November we are releasing many incremental updates to the reporting engine that will ensure you deliver a client experience that enhances trust and loyalty.

Real PDF Report Export

  • Client Experience: Print out a nicely formatted document and leave it for your clients to peruse after a meeting.
  • How: A sophisticated server side PDF generator is ready for you to manage the highly customizable report structure and offer you a more complete experience.

Share the online report

  • Client Experience: Create a better experience by collaborating with a client while you take notes and manage scores, budgets and action plans.
  • How: A URL link can be sent to a client so they can check the report online with the widgets you make visible to them.

Price Selector Widget (Pro Only)

  • Client Experience: Getting a perspective on the myriad services you provide can be a daunting task for your clients, so this widget lets you compare your various packages and demonstrate their benefits
  • How: You can add service bundles into the metrics behind the report based on what you see missing from what they need and show the scores they could achieve by acquiring those packages. The prices show up right away too.

Service Review Widget (Pro Only)

  • Client Experience: Clients do not want to spend time reviewing you and how well you're performing, but they do need to understand that your services need their attention and approval and someone on their end has to take an active role.
  • How: The service review widget helps to rate the services quickly with comments, then adds tickets and overall notes for service bundles.

Project Roadmap Widget

  • Client Experience: Clients want to see what projects are needed to achieve those higher scores and operate at a higher level, as well as all relevant information involved in those decisions.
  • How: The roadmap widget helps you generate a legible plan with project schedules and recommended budgets. For quick decision making, the project scopes are visible by simply hovering over the projects.

Clean Report for Live Co-Working

  • Client Experience: You can keep the most important topics in focus with a clean, unified, uncluttered report view during your meeting as you collaborate with clients.
  • How: We've tweaked the report to make sure you can easily turn elements on or off for higher focus. We've also cleaned up the screen and removed some unnecessary items like editor headers, sections and function buttons.

Direct Rich Media Embed based on URL

  • Client Experience: Engage clients with interactive report elements like educational videos, meeting scheduling functions, spreadsheets, presentations or complete surveys.
  • How: We've implemented a URL-based embed to the content widgets. You will no longer need to edit iframe codes in the HTML editor - just paste the rich media URL and it embeds automatically.

Insert Templates

  • Client Experience: Be flexible but stay structured when a new idea comes up, you find a project opportunity or just want to prioritize things.
  • How: Use predefined templates to insert into the report as you lead the meeting for project scoping, priority settings, problem solving or making change requests.

Interactive widget library

  • Client experience: In order to generate trust and loyalty you're creating a client experience, not just going through the technical details of your services.
  • How: Leverage the list of tools that can be embedded into the report to share ideas, educate, ask business questions or even entertain the client.
  • Access the Report Widget Library here

Report Template Results CSV export

  • Client Experience: Make sense of your client's scores by showing benchmarks, progress or comparisons among multiple reports.
  • How: Create a custom excel report and feed it with data from the CSV export to do your analysis alongside the completions of your reports.