Connectwise Opportunities and Project Workflows

Account Management Workflows on the Client Project Roadmap


This function is available on the Elite and Enterprise Plans only. Please upgrade or contact us on the chat to unlock the feature.


The two-way integration for the roadmap works for both Connectwise Opportunities and Projects based on their status and also converts opportunities to projects in Connectwise as the projects are finalized in MSPL. This gives you the ability to push items from the roadmap through the planning phase, and also receive updates on projects when you prepare for a meeting. -

Status syncing between MSPL / CW

In Managed Services Platform you can manage the complete lifecycle of a project.

1. Recommendation - an idea without any commitment

2. Planned  - when you see the opportunity is real so you can generate a CW Open Opportunity

3. Approved - when you have approval from the client and move to CW Won Opportunity

4. Work in Progress - when you start it and turn the Won Opportunity into an Open Project

5. Completed - when you complete the project and close the Project in CW

There are options to mark a Project as an Issue, this will not sync it to CW.  You can also select No Status (or change the name tag) and this can mark this as a lost opportunity in CW.

You can customize Managed Services Platform's Project Statuses and Icons on the Profile > Change Project Statuses Section. Choose icons and statuses to match your needs.

Import Connectwise Opportunities and Projects 

Import Connectwise Opportunites and Projects into your Project Roadmap and either create new MSPL projects or link to existing ones. Select the Client and the Delivery tab to access all existing Connectwise Opportunities and Projects.

Create CW Opportunities and Projects from Managed Services Platform

If a project is not in Recommended / Issue / No Status Stage then you can sync them with Connectwise by clicking the Sync button on the top. 

1. Populate your Project Roadmap

Make sure your project roadmap has projects with Planned / Approved / Work in Progress / Completed / No Status 

2. Make sure the client is linked to a Connectwise Client

You can access the 2-way sync screen if your client is linked to a Connectwise client. If not click to the Delivery Tab to link it first. 


3. Select the Projects to Sync and choose directions

The 2-way sync screen shows ONLY projects in your Client Project Roadmap which are NOT synced with Connectwise.

1. If the line is red that means the Managed Services Platform project has no Connectwise Opportunity or Project linked. You can create or link a CW Opportunity / Project on the right-hand side. (please note the Managed Services Platform status determines whether it will be a Connectwise Opportunity or Project based on the status)

2. If the line is blue this means the Managed Services Platform status will update the status in Connectwise.

3. If the line is Green that means the Connectwise status will update the status in Managed Services Platform.

After a project is linked you are able to determine manually which way you want to sync.

1. If you click on the left it will turn blue meaning Managed Services Platform TO Connectwise

2. If you click on the right will turn green meaning Connectwise to Managed Services Platform 

3. If you click on the colored columns it will make them white so we are not going to update the project.

4. Click Synchronize

After you selected which way to sync the projects, now you can execute the process. Managed Services Platform will update the project roadmap and the related projects in Connectwise.

If you change the Managed Services Platform status from Approved to Work in Progress the opportunity will move to Closed and become a project automatically.

Overview of the Project Roadmap

The Project Roadmap has many functions which can be used to better view your Project Statuses.

1. Hover over the Project Title

This will provide a summary of more information about the project details.

2. Hover over the Chain icon

This will provide more information about the linked Connectwise Project or Opportunity

Use Cases

There are many workflows you can manage with the integration.

1. Farming Projects

Use Managed Services Platform to generate Project Recommendations. After getting commitments, create the opportunity in Connectwise. You can use the Opportunities to track quotes and forecast cash flow. After the official close of the opportunity, your team can sync back this to the roadmap as Approved Projects.

2. Manage QBRs

When an Account Manager goes to a QBR opening up the Sync screen can help to see the changes.

All Blue indicates the projects in Managed Services Platform which have been updated. All Green items show that the project is completed so it can be reported to the client.

3. Communicate across teams

Use the Project Roadmap to get a high-level overview of the client related opportunities and projects without going into the details of the operational items.