How to access the COVID-19 remote work readiness assessment tools

Access the tools for unlimited self-assessments and 3 audits without a membership

Evaluate the tools with real clients. Should you wish to upgrade to a premium account, you can use these tools at the Entrepreneur level with unlimited clients, unlimited users for $250/month with no contract.



Step 1. Log in the tool

For Virtual-C / Sea-Level Operations / IT Nation Evolve / TAG National Members: please log in using your existing account

Go to >

For non-members: please create a new account

Go to >

Step 2. Access the Solution Set

After log in 

Go to >

All templates and assets are stored in solution sets. This one is free. Click the green "FREE" button and add it to your account.

This will add to your account

  • 1 Report Template for the Readiness Audit
  • 23 Project Templates for the Readiness Audit's Project Roadmap
  • 1 Marketing Grader for the Self Assessment
  • 1 Course to get started

Step 3. Decide your approach

You can use either a high-touch approach with clients - You complete an audit for them (optionally you can send end-user questions) meet with them remotely through a video conference, walk through the issues and generate an action plan based on pre-created projects.

This is in support of your existing communication and client engagement process

  • No Setup is required
  • No Customization is required
  • Easy to follow and control the process

Or you can use a low-touch approach with your clients and prospects - You set up a Self-Assessment Grader on your website that they can complete in seconds. You and the client receive a report with a basic score indicating potential next steps.

This supports your marketing communication and client communication

  • Setup is required on your website
  • The template can be customized
  • Process design is recommended


High Touch Approach - Access the COVID-19 Remote Work Readiness Audit Report

Create a new client, add a report and complete the assessment.

Go to >

Low Touch Approach - Access the COVID-19 Remote Work Readiness Self Assessment

Setup the grader  to your website and invite clients to complete the survey and receive a report

Go to >