vCIO Operations Tool Onboarding

Define your AM/vCIO Services and build a scaleable operation in 30 days

Your Action Steps:

To run an effective Account Management / vCIO Operations in 30 days we suggest to follow the action Plan below:

Structured vCIO Operations

Set up the tools:

  1. Set up your Client Engagement Activity Types
  2. Set up your Client Engagement Segments
  3. Set up your Client Segment Playbooks
  4. Add the client Engagement Widget to your Dashboard
  5. Sync Client Engagement Activities to your calendar

Scale the operation:

  1. Add 10 clients to Client Engagement Segments
  2. Add Account Managers to 10 clients (Team Plan only)
  3. Apply Client Segment Playbooks to 10 clients
  4. Import client projects and opportunities from your PSA (Connectwise)
  5. Edit 10 Projects in the roadmap
  6. Share 10 Project Roadmaps 
  7. Log and track the Client Engagement Activities

Your Software Tool Adoption Steps:

If you have not started using the Managed Services Platform Client Engagement Software tools, it is high time to discover the functions and benefits of this great software. It will streamline your account management and vCIO activities and will offer your team and management great clarity, accountability and visibility on the operation.

The Managed Services Platform team provides interactive weekly trainings for you: 
Sign up for a Software Live Training

These are the help articles we suggest to glance through to get familiar with the key functions

  1. Help - How to Plan, Deliver and Measure Client Engagement
  2. Help - How to Set Up your Client Engagement Activity (CEA™) Types
  3. Help - How to Set up your Client Engagement Playbooks (CEP™)
  4. Help - How to Log and track Client Engagement Activities (CEA™)
  5. Help - How to Apply a Client Engagement Playbook (CEP™) to a Client
  6. Help - Client Engagement Software Best Practices
  7. Help - Client Engagement Software FAQ

Your Learning Steps:

Scaling Client Engagement Operation is hard if you try to tackle directly, because it is only the tip of the iceberg. Successful MSPs tackle the foundations first to be ready to scale.

We have developed a very comprehensive program for you to develop a very high maturity client engagement program in 90 days. Follow the complete Client Engagement Excellence Course here. 

If you want to move very quickly and you want to learn only the basics required to get you set up and running with the tool we suggest to take these lessons from the courses

  1. Learn - Define your Client Engagement Roles
  2. Learn - Develop your Client Segments
  3. Learn - Develop your Client Engagement Playbooks
  4. Learn - Managed Client Engagement Activities
  5. Learn - How to Manage Client Roadmaps
  6. Learn - Use Case - Manage Client Roadmaps

Help if you stuck:

  1. Access the community for help
  2. Sign up for a Live Training
  3. Schedule a meeting with your Member Success Manager
  4. Client Engagement Program Guided Implementation for Teams